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Help us pay for Keeley’s emergency caesarian surgery

18 thoughts on “Help us pay for Keeley’s emergency caesarian surgery

  1. Speedy recovery Keely

  2. Get better soon Keely and may you and your puppies find loving homes x

  3. Small donation…hope everything goes well…god bless

  4. Thank you AWDRI for your hard work helping these beautiful dogs x

  5. Take care sweet mumma Keely & pups

  6. Good girl keeley

  7. Glad that mum and pups are all doing well

  8. Donated $50 I hope they all have happy lives I think Keely or sweetheart would be awesome to adopt.

  9. Get well soon and good job those caring for these beautiful dogs

  10. Glad the mum and the pups are doing great

  11. Thank you, AWDRI. Rest up well, Keeley, & hope you & your puppies find loving homes.

  12. Thank you for your wonderful work !

  13. Good work Keeley!

  14. Wishing Keeley a pain free recovery.

  15. Hopefully a quick recovery for mum and pups

  16. Happy to help. The work you do for these special dogs is appreciated.

  17. Get well soon momma.

  18. Thank you for helping this beautiful girl deliver her most precious bundle. Speedy recover little lady xo

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