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Order Placement – SUCCESS

Hi there,

Thanks so much for placing an order with AWDRI. Your payment has succeeded.

You will receive notification as your order progresses to completion.

Thank you for your support.

AWDRI team

7 thoughts on “Order Placement – SUCCESS

  1. The cover of the 2019 calendar looks amazing with the pup with blue eyes

  2. Order Placement – SUCCESS

    2 messages after credit card payment. Please advise which is correct.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Your order was succesfully placed. Thanks for checking.

      AWDRI Sales

  3. last year found it easy to buy clothing, this year kept coming up blank when I went into hoodies so after 3 tries gave up. Shame as I buy for my 4 grown up children for xmas as we are all dog lovers.
    Is there a way you can show mini piccys of each month as I’d buy more if I could see the photos like you do at shops, turn the calendar over and look at 12 photos – may sell more that way?

    1. Hello Heather, the clothing website is a third party so if you are having issues buying please contact them directly. We have no control over their customer interface.
      Re the calendar, no, we prefer to keep the months a surprise for when the calendar is opened upon arrival to its destination.

      We have had no issues selling in the past without this feature so we prefer to not fix it if is isn’t broken.

      Best wishes,
      AWDRI Sales

  4. Twice now on different days I have placed orders and been advised both success, and failed. What is going on please? I did not receive an email confirming purchase last time, as is the norm with online orders, so I presumed the order didn’t do through. Am I now going to receive 2 calendars?!

    1. Hi Gwenda, The original order on 9th November was successful and your order ships today. An email notification was sent. Perhaps check your spam folder to see if it was filed there?
      If you only want one calendar I will cancel the order you placed last night.

      Thanks for your support.
      AWDRI Sales

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